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William Houchin, Owner:

Passion is often passed from generation to generation, and such is the case for William. As a boy, his grandfather would show William his antique pocket watch, with the tiny gears rotating, winding the spring, and enthralling William with the exquisite craftsmanship of a bygone era. This passion for beautifully made things has been with William his entire life, and as a result he has gained a virtual encyclopedic knowledge of not only watches, but jewelry from all time periods. William opened a tiny shop in the Orange circle back in 1991, and his passion for his work and dedication to his customers has yielded him a status as a permanent fixture in the area. Whether you would like to sell a timepiece or jewelry item, or just simply need some information, William is always happy to help and educate.

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Carla Houchin, Etsy Manager:

Born and bred in Rio De Janiero Brazil, Carla has a Law Degree and years of experience with customer relations and HR. Her logistics skills and friendly, warm demeanor serve her well in handling all of our Etsy inventory and sales!

J. Carlos M, Jeweler:

Master Jeweler with over 32 years of experience in impeccable jewelry repair and custom creations. He’s the guy other jewelers go to when they can’t fix it themselves.

John D, Operations:

Originally working for William as an IT professional, John caught the jewelry bug and now works full time at Watch and Wares checking in repairs, running custom jewelry jobs and orders, maintaining the computer systems, managing our inventory, running our website, helping at the counter, and anything else the store needs.