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At Watch and Wares, we have an extensive collection of antique and vintage wrist and pocket watches. All of our antique watches are restored to “like new” condition, whenever possible, WITHOUT altering the authenticity, original appearance, or quality of the watch. With Watch and Wares, you may rest assured that your antique watch will be delivered in excellent working order.

If you are an antique watch collector, you know the importance of keeping your watches serviced. You know that keeping them clean and lubricated will keep parts from rusting and wearing out so your watch will run correctly for long time. Because these watches are no longer being produced, the parts are obviously very difficult to come by. Being in business for decades, We have been collecting both functional and non-functional antique and vintage watches and their respective parts for decades and pride ourselves on our inventory. At Watch and Wares, we will service or restore almost any quality antique or vintage watch back to its original specs.

All of the watches in our showroom have been inspected by our master watchmakers and have been serviced/restored as needed. We offer a 1-year warranty from date of purchase for vintage timepieces.

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