Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring for the Season

The holiday season is once again upon us…

Man looking at woman's ringAlong with being one of the busiest times of the year for most of us, Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also one of the most exciting and popular times to pop the question. Did you know that one in four grooms propose to their bridges during the holiday season? November and December account for over 26 percent of marriage proposals, according to a survey of 1,131 brides sponsored by the Fairchild Bridal Group, the publisher of “Modern Bride.”

That being said, if you’re planning on proposing to your significant other either this Christmas or on New Year’s Eve, you’re going to need the right engagement ring… and that means going to the right jeweler. The first destination for most guys are your run-of-the-mill, mall jewelry shops with a pretty standard (and slightly boring) selection of your standard diamond rings. Prices are generally high and there is often very little variety.

What makes Watch & Wares in Orange, CA different? Well, for starters, we carry all types of unique diamond engagement rings… from classic vintage engagement rings with brilliantly-cut stones and unmatched craftsmanship, to a stunning selection of sapphire and fancy-diamond rings that have also stood the test of time.

Looking for a special cut or a vintage diamond engagement ring? Watch & Wares carries an unrivaled selection of vintage & estate rings and jewelry that are sure to dazzle even the most discerning brides-to-be.

xmas engagement ring 2So if you’re planning on being one of those four grooms that pops the question to the love of your life this Christmas or New Year’s Eve, let one of our Engagement Specialists at Watch & Wares help you choose an engagement ring perfect for not only the occasion, but for your dream girl as well. We’ll take our time and ask questions that help you make a decision based on your exact needs and specific budget.

We understand that everybody’s different and that it’s your special day, so we stock diamonds in generally every shape — whether you’re looking for an emerald-cut engagement ring or a classic solitaire, or want to go for something a little less traditional — we’ll make sure you leave happy and confident, knowing she’ll say YES!!! We look forward to meeting all you future fiancés soon, stop by our store today or call us at 714-633-2030 to make an appointment today!