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5 Reasons To Finally Let Go of Your Luxury Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

Designer handbags, like any other part of your wardrobe, are an inherently personal purchase that reflects who you are, what you’re feeling or what you’re going through in life when you purchase them. Some people impulsively purchase bags, while others buy them for special occasions and big accomplishments. Whatever your bag-buying philosophy, there’ll likely come […]

3 Factors That Affect the Price of Gold When Selling Gold Jewelry

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke once famously said, “Nobody really understands gold prices, and I don’t really understand them either.” Gold is notorious for its constantly-fluctuating prices, and it can be difficult to comprehend the complicated logistics of pricing gold. With that said, there are several key factors that any Orange, CA resident can […]

3 Important Things To Know About Diamond Color Grading Before Selling Jewelry

If you’ve ever purchased diamond jewelry, you’ve likely heard of “the four Cs.” These four Cs — carat, clarity, cut and color — are the most significant factors in a diamond’s value. When buying and, eventually, selling diamond jewelry in Orange, CA, it’s important to know as much information as possible about these four Cs. […]