4 Tips for Choosing the Best Jewelry Repair Store

Do you have a ring that’s too tight? A necklace with a broken clasp? Maybe the strap has broken on your Rolex watch. Whatever the case, jewelry repair is an inevitable part of life, so it’s best to have an expert jewelry repair store that you can trust with all your valuable pieces.

Jewelry and watches are often more than just monetarily valuable; they hold great sentimental value that makes them devastating to break or lose. When it comes to such beloved items, you need and deserve a jewelry repair store that you can unwaveringly trust with high-quality and speedy repairs. Here are four tips for choosing the best jewelry repair store for your luxury goods.

1. Get a Free and Detailed Appraisal

Any trustworthy jewelry repair store will provide a free, no-obligation estimate for all repairs. You should never pay for a jewelry repair estimate, so if your local jeweler won’t offer you an appraisal for free, cross them off the list.

In addition to the estimate being free, it should also be detailed. More than just the final price, your free estimate should include a list of all the repairs they intend to make. This will allow you to envision the final result and ensure it’s the same as what you have in mind. 

You should feel completely comfortable throughout the estimate process, and any trustworthy jewelry repair store should aid this in every way possible.

2. Don’t Just Choose the Lowest Price

It’s always worth getting more than one estimate on jewelry repair to compare and ensure that you’re receiving the best combination of value and quality. While you want to remain within your budget and get a fair price for the repair work, you also don’t want to simply choose the cheapest price.

Dirt cheap estimates are often so much cheaper for a reason — the quality of the work is sub-par. When it comes to sentimental pieces like estate jewelry or valuable pieces like a Rolex watch, you want peace of mind that your goods are being repaired properly and will hold up over time. When you choose cheap estimates, you run the risk of choosing a jewelry repair store that’s cutting corners, potentially costing you more in the long run.

Choose an estimate that is a fair value, but make sure that the price also reflects the quality of the work you’re receiving. Choose a jewelry repair store with expert knowledge, state-of-the-art tools, and verified 5-star customer service.

3. Ensure a Reasonable Timeframe

When collecting estimates, you should receive an estimated timeframe for the repairs as well. Ensure that the work will be completed promptly and choose the jewelry repair store offering a reasonable timeframe and fair value.

Some repairs can be done on the spot as you wait, while others can take several weeks. There are very few, if any, repairs that take months, so be wary of any estimates that have an extremely long repair time. Collecting more than one estimate can also be beneficial for comparing timeframes and assessing what the average expected completion time should be for your item.

4. Don’t Allow Items to Be Shipped Back

There are many online jewelry repair companies that ask you to ship your valuables to them for repair. They then ship the item back to you once the repair has been completed. While this can be convenient, the risk isn’t worth the reward. 

Shipping any item, especially valuable jewelry, puts it at risk for damage or loss in transit. Only choose jewelry repair stores that will hand-deliver all repairs in-store. You should be able to pick up your gold jewelry and assess the repairs in person to ensure that they’re up to your standards.

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