5 Reasons To Finally Let Go of Your Luxury Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

Designer handbags, like any other part of your wardrobe, are an inherently personal purchase that reflects who you are, what you’re feeling or what you’re going through in life when you purchase them. Some people impulsively purchase bags, while others buy them for special occasions and big accomplishments.

Whatever your bag-buying philosophy, there’ll likely come a time when you have to make the choice of whether or not to sell your luxury pre-owned designer handbag. Whether you’ve fallen out of love with the style or simply need some extra money, there are many reasons to let go of your luxury bags — especially when that pre-owned designer handbag could be worth thousands.

Although it can be difficult to part with such significant investments, here are five clear signs that it’s time to let go of your pre-owned designer handbags.

1. You no longer wear it

One of the biggest reasons why someone may choose to sell their pre-owned designer handbags is because they aren’t wearing them anymore. Perhaps the bag doesn’t suit your current lifestyle, or perhaps you’ve fallen out of love with the design. Whatever the reason, an unused handbag is one that should be let go of.

Identify the bags in your collection that have been neglected, and make a point of using them. If you don’t enjoy the experience of using them, or if you fail to use them altogether within a specific timeframe, it’s time for those bags to go to a new home. Clearing your closet of bags you no longer use will also generate closet space and funds for new handbags that you’ll enjoy more.

2. It’s outdated

Some designer bags are timeless and classic closet staples that can be used over the course of decades without ever looking out-of-date. Other bags, however, are clear-trend pieces, and wearing them even five years after purchasing can instantly make your outfit look dated.

If you have any trendy styles in your wardrobe, it may be best to let them go. This can apply to bags that are currently out-of-date, as well as bags that are on-trend now but that will look dated in 5-10 years’ time. 

If you sell your trendy bags during the height of their trend, you can make much more money than if you wait until the trend has died out and the bag is out of style. Because of this, you should think carefully about whether or not now is the best time to part with your trendy pre-owned designer handbag.

3. It’s taking up space

Decluttering your closet can clear your mind and create new space for a new season of beautiful things. You likely spring clean your clothes and shoes, but what about your pre-owned designer handbags?

Go through your bag collection seasonally and consider which bags are valuable to you and which are taking up more space than they’re worth. If you’re not getting use out of large bags, you may find that the extra real estate and the cash from the sale are worth more to you than the bag itself.

4. You’re too scared to wear it

Do you have a lambskin bag that you’re terrified of scratching or a white purse that’s screaming for color transfer? Many bag collectors have one or two handbags in their collection that they’re scared of wearing for fear of damaging the item, so we get it.

However, if you’re not using the bag, it’s definitely time to let it go. Selling luxury pre-owned designer handbags that you’re too scared to use will not only allow those bags to go to people who will use them, but it’ll also turn the dust-collecting handbag into thousands of dollars you can spend elsewhere.

5. You want more money in the bank

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing designer handbags over cheap handbags is that they retain their value over time. That Chanel Classic Flap you bought for $4,400 in 2012 is now worth $8,800 in 2022 — and potentially even more, depending on the desirability of the color.

While not all bags increase so drastically in value, virtually all pre-owned designer handbags will retain some value and be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars even years later. If you need some extra cash for the holiday season, have a home renovation on the horizon, or simply want the money for a newer, more exciting designer handbag, selling your pre-owned luxury handbag will help you add more cash to your wallet.

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