5 Tips to Help you Shop for the Best Vintage Rings

5 Tips to Help you Shop for the Best Vintage Rings

When shopping for the best vintage rings in Orange County, Los Angeles and other surrounding areas of Southern California, there are a few tips that can help you find not only get the best price, but find the best rings as well! We’ve compiled this handy jewelry buyer’s guide as part of a series of How-To’s that are aimed at giving you more confidence in shopping for and selecting only the best vintage rings.

Tip #1 – A Jewelry Store’s Knowledge is Key in Identifying the Best Vintage Rings

So let’s say you’re ready to pop the question and have spent hours on the Internet researching your significant other’s favorite styles of vintage engagement rings. You keep track of diamond rings they post on Pinterest, ask their friends for advice and even have design in mind, but aren’t sure about the specifics. If you’re not sure about what you’re looking for, you’re not alone. Some people aren’t sure if they want a vintage setting to compliment the heirloom diamond that was handed down to them, or if they should start from scratch and get a custom-made vintage-style engagement ring.

Because there are so many variables when it comes to designing the best vintage rings and engagement rings, finding a jeweler and engagement ring store that has the right knowledge is key. You want a jeweler that has been in business for a long time and knows their stuff. Regardless of whether or not you know exactly what diamond engagement ring you want, your jeweler should definitely know the ins and outs of the best vintage rings and be there to guide you in the right direction. Try not to confuse this with a jewelry store that will guide you towards the more expensive option, because sometimes you can find inexpensive vintage engagement rings that fit the bill.

An experienced engagement ring store that has been selling the best vintage rings, diamonds and engagement rings for a long time will know what questions to ask you in order to help find what engagement ring fits your taste & budget perfectly. Likewise, they will also know the right questions to ask in order to weed out the options and hundreds of diamond engagement rings that won’t suit your specific needs.

Tip #2 – A Jewelry Store is Only as Good as its Inventory of Engagement Rings

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Use your own family stone and purchase a vintage mounting to save!

Selection is a big part of finding the best vintage rings, diamond rings and engagement rings. Because without selection and a large inventory of engagement rings, you’ll never truly know if you got your favorite piece. Once you find a jewelry store that specializes in selling the best vintage rings, stop in and view their showcase. There’s traditional diamond rings in several cuts. Some engagement rings have sapphires or other colored stones. Vintage rings come in all forms. Some rings are white gold while others are platinum. Some engagement rings may just have a platinum setting, but no stone. There are also engagement rings that have beautiful and intricate filigree and engraving.

The point is, there’s so many choices & options that you can go with! Without visiting a jewelry store with a large selection of the best vintage rings, you can never be sure if you’ve found one that you know she’ll be crazy about for years to come, and that’s a tough lesson to learn. When shopping for the best vintage rings, find an engagement ring store with the biggest selection of antique diamond rings you can find, and get it right the first time!

Tip #3 – Make Sure They’ve Got a Gemologist in the Jewelry Shop!

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Make sure the jewelry you purchase has been vetted by a gemologist.

Any good jewelry store in Orange County knows their diamonds and engagement rings pretty well. A great jewelry store to buy diamond engagement rings from will have an actual gemologist on their staff! The different here is staggering. It’s like having a race-car driver who moonlights as a mechanic acting as a salesperson at a car dealership. A gemologist’s job is identify, grade and appraise gemstones. But it doesn’t stop there. If they’re employed by a jewelry store that sells vintage engagement rings, they’ll ensure they carry the best vintage rings.

Another reason to go to a vintage engagement rings store that has a gemologist on staff is peace of mind. You’ll know you’re getting the right stone and paying the right price for it. For instance, some sapphires are yellow, but so are fancy yellow diamonds. Aquamarines and Blue Topaz may look identical to some people. We’ve all heard stories about people buying a vintage ring only to learn the stone wasn’t what they thought. This can be bad news for both the vintage engagement ring store, but devastating to the buyer.

When in doubt, go to a vintage diamond ring store in Orange County that has a gemologist. This is also important if you’re buying colored stones or if you’re looking for a diamond with a specific grade/clarity. Finally, a gemologist will also appraise and value diamonds and diamond engagement rings properly. If you’re looking for the best vintage rings, buy from a place that has graded the diamond ring already? This can also ensure you’re getting the best value for your dollar, and a proper appraisal.

Tip #4 – Know How Much You Want to Spend

Cost will always be a defining factor when searching for the best vintage rings. Don’t get emotionally attached to an engagement ring before purchase. Go into the engagement ring store with a clear head. Make a list of antique ring attributes you or your significant other are looking for. Have an engagement ring budget and remember that the best vintage rings aren’t necessarily the most expensive.

When going into a Vintage Engagement Ring store, remember that several factors affect the cost. Some diamond rings may be antiques, while others are custom-made. There may smaller diamond rings that cost more than larger engagement rings simply due to the era it comes from. Whatever type of vintage ring you’re looking for, go into the jewelry store with a budget — you’ll thank yourself later. Any reputable diamond ring dealer in Orange County or Los Angeles would be happy to work with your budget. The jewelers that sell the best vintage rings generally also do enough volume to work with you a little on price.

Tip #5 The Jewelry Store’s Reputation & Commitment

Do some research on the jewelry store before your visit. Find out about other customers’ experiences. Find out if they offer warranties on their vintage rings and whether or not they stand by them. Yelp and Google can be a big help here. Check and see if they have an eBay store or if they sell online. Find out what people are saying about their online transactions as well.

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