What to Know About Luxury Watch Repair Services

A luxury timepiece is an investment. It’s something you can own for your entire lifetime and pass it down for generations. Although our society has become notorious for fast fashion, low-quality products, and excessive waste, investing in a designer watch can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the long term. However, to keep your designer watch running smoothly for decades, you’ll need to take proper care of it through watch servicing and watch repair. If you have a Rolex watch or other investment pieces, here’s what you need to know about luxury watch repair services.

Make watch servicing a priority

The best way to extend your Rolex watch’s lifespan and avoid watch repair is by having it regularly serviced. Just like a car, your luxury watch needs to be served by an expert at regular intervals so it can maintain its best performance and stay running for as long as possible. How often it needs to be serviced will depend on how often you wear it, what activities you do while wearing it, and how it’s being stored when you aren’t wearing it. Experts generally recommend having your Rolex watch serviced every three to five years.

Signs that your watch needs servicing

Luxury watches are designed to last for years without issue, so you may forget to schedule routine servicing. However, you should keep an eye out for signs that your watch needs to be serviced to avoid more costly Rolex watch repair. If you notice any difference in your watch’s performance, such as faulty timekeeping, you should bring it in to a watch repair expert right away. You should also have it looked at if you notice any dampness or condensation on the glass. Certain electronic items such as speakers, X-rays, and microwaves can also cause your watch to act erratically if it’s left near them, so take your watch to a repair expert if this occurs. Even if you don’t notice any obvious signs of wear and tear, periodic watch services such as battery replacement, cleaning, detailing, glass replacement, band replacement, and more are recommended and can help you enjoy your Rolex watch for even more years to come.

Don’t DIY watch repair

If your Rolex watch is dirty or showing signs of wear and tear, never try to repair the watch at home. Watches are intricate machines that need to be handled by professionals in order to be reliably repaired without risk of further damage. By cleaning the watch yourself, you’re likely to void the warranty, and the risk of breaking or further damaging your timepiece is high. Instead, take your watch to a Rolex watch repair expert such as Watch & Wares. Watch repair experts will have decades of experience disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling all types of watches, including Rolexes. Luxury watches can have more than 500 tiny, intricate parts to put back together, so it’s no DIY project. Trust your Rolex watch to only the best watch specialists in the industry to ensure that your watch repair is performed properly.

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