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What to Know Before Selling Your Gold Jewelry for Cash

There can be many reasons why you might be looking for a good place to sell gold jewelry; maybe you’ve encountered financial hardship and need quick cash to get you to your next paycheck, or maybe you’ve inherited jewelry that isn’t to your taste. Whatever your reason to sell your gold jewelry is, going about it can be tricky business. There are many scammers or businesses who offer you unfairly low values, and it can be difficult to know who to trust and what your options are for selling. Before you try to sell your gold jewelry for cash, here are a few things to ensure you make the best decision possible.

How much is my gold jewelry worth?

Many dishonest and unreputable gold buyers will offer you incredibly low amounts for your valuable gold jewelry. To ensure that you get the fairest value possible, you should have a good idea of what your gold jewelry is worth and how the value of gold jewelry is measured. The three main components of gold appraisal are gold weight, gold purity, and the presence of any jewels. 

The weight of the gold is measured in troy ounces, with one troy ounce weight 9 percent more than a standard ounce. Gold purity is measured in karats, with 24-karat gold being the purest and therefore most expensive gold on the market. To calculate the price of your piece’s worth in terms of raw gold, the formula is (gold spot price / 31.1) x purity in decimals x weight of the item in grams. For example, if you had 1 gram of 14-karat gold, and the current spot price (also known as the market price of gold) was $1300, you could calculate the value of that gold by doing the following calculation: (1300 / 31.1) x 0.583 x 1 = $24.37. However, if your jewelry contains any precious jewels, this figure will be even higher. Although certain pieces can be more or less expensive depending on their time period, brand, condition, and more, this calculation will help form a good baseline for your appraisal expectations.

Where to sell my gold jewelry for cash

As we mentioned, there are a lot of untrustworthy gold and jewelry buyers everywhere. So, how do you know where to find trustworthy places to sell gold near you? Before selling to anyone, do your research on local gold buyers and their reputations. Search for reviews on Yelp and Google, check their rating with the Better Business Bureau, and ensure that they are licensed and insured. 

Another good way to gauge trustworthiness and expertise is to see how long the company has been in business and whether they have certified jewelers and gemologists on staff. Here at Watch & Wares, we have curated a team of expert jewelry appraisers and gemologists with decades of experience working with some of the biggest names in the diamond jewelry industry. You should also collect appraisals from multiple businesses before committing to selling. A reputable pawn shop or gold buyer will offer you an appraisal without any obligation to sell, allowing you to collect multiple appraisals and assess the best offer. Watch & Wares is proud to offer no-obligation appraisals that are often the most competitive rates in the Orange County area.

What if I don’t want to sell my gold jewelry but need cash?

If your jewelry is sentimental to you or you’re just not ready to part with it yet, you don’t need to sell your gold jewelry to get cash fast. Watch & Wares offers collateral loans on gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, designer watches, and other luxury goods. We offer generous four-month loan terms with a 10-day grace period, and our interest rates are always state-regulated. 

To find out more about our jewelry collateral loans or how to sell your gold jewelry, contact Watch & Wares at (714) 731-9600 or fill out our online contact form today. We would be happy to schedule an appraisal appointment at our Orange or Tustin locations for your earliest convenience.

What to Know About Luxury Watch Repair Services

A luxury timepiece is an investment. It’s something you can own for your entire lifetime and pass it down for generations. Although our society has become notorious for fast fashion, low-quality products, and excessive waste, investing in a designer watch can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the long term. However, to keep your designer watch running smoothly for decades, you’ll need to take proper care of it through watch servicing and watch repair. If you have a Rolex watch or other investment pieces, here’s what you need to know about luxury watch repair services.

Make watch servicing a priority

The best way to extend your Rolex watch’s lifespan and avoid watch repair is by having it regularly serviced. Just like a car, your luxury watch needs to be served by an expert at regular intervals so it can maintain its best performance and stay running for as long as possible. How often it needs to be serviced will depend on how often you wear it, what activities you do while wearing it, and how it’s being stored when you aren’t wearing it. Experts generally recommend having your Rolex watch serviced every three to five years.

Signs that your watch needs servicing

Luxury watches are designed to last for years without issue, so you may forget to schedule routine servicing. However, you should keep an eye out for signs that your watch needs to be serviced to avoid more costly Rolex watch repair. If you notice any difference in your watch’s performance, such as faulty timekeeping, you should bring it in to a watch repair expert right away. You should also have it looked at if you notice any dampness or condensation on the glass. Certain electronic items such as speakers, X-rays, and microwaves can also cause your watch to act erratically if it’s left near them, so take your watch to a repair expert if this occurs. Even if you don’t notice any obvious signs of wear and tear, periodic watch services such as battery replacement, cleaning, detailing, glass replacement, band replacement, and more are recommended and can help you enjoy your Rolex watch for even more years to come.

Don’t DIY watch repair

If your Rolex watch is dirty or showing signs of wear and tear, never try to repair the watch at home. Watches are intricate machines that need to be handled by professionals in order to be reliably repaired without risk of further damage. By cleaning the watch yourself, you’re likely to void the warranty, and the risk of breaking or further damaging your timepiece is high. Instead, take your watch to a Rolex watch repair expert such as Watch & Wares. Watch repair experts will have decades of experience disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling all types of watches, including Rolexes. Luxury watches can have more than 500 tiny, intricate parts to put back together, so it’s no DIY project. Trust your Rolex watch to only the best watch specialists in the industry to ensure that your watch repair is performed properly.

If you’re in need of expert Rolex watch repair, there’s no better choice for Orange County residents than Watch & Wares. We combine our state-of-the-art techniques with time-tested craftsmanship to provide a watch repair experience like no other. We use only genuine parts and manufacturer-recommended repair techniques, so you can trust that you’re in good hands. To find out more about our watch repair services or to schedule a Rolex watch repair appointment, contact us at (714) 633-2030 or fill out our online contact form today.

Personal Loans vs. Collateral Loans: Important Things to Know

A large percentage of Americans are struggling to regain control of their finances in the wake of the pandemic. This includes repaying owed rent, rebuilding savings accounts, and purchasing necessities. In these times, many people are turning to loans in order to secure the money they need to make it until their next paycheck. However, before running to the bank for an unsecured personal loan, collateral loans should be considered for their many benefits.

What is an unsecured personal loan?

There are generally two types of loans: secured and unsecured. An unsecured loan is a loan in which you aren’t required to put up collateral as a form of repayment. However, since there’s no guaranteed repayment for the lender, unsecured loans tend to come with tighter restrictions and more hoops to jump through in order to approve the loan. Personal loans often require up to a week to process before you’re approved while the lender reviews your credit history, bank statements, and other related documents. There’s a chance you may not be approved for the loan at all, and if you are, your interest rates are often high to make up for the lack of security for the lender. Unsecured loans also have a negative effect on your credit score while you’re in the process of repaying them.

What is a collateral loan?

The second form of personal loan is a secured loan, also known as a collateral loan. A secured loan requires you to put up some form of collateral for the lender to repossess in the instance that you default on your loan. Luxury assets such as fine jewelry, watches, handbags, and art are popular forms of collateral as they allow you to obtain a higher loan value without any risk of harming your credit score. Since you’re offering collateral with an equal or higher value than your loan amount, there is often no credit check or the possibility of affecting your credit score. You can also get your needed cash on the same day without the lengthy approval process of an unsecured personal loan. 

Which loan is right for me?

Both loan types have their advantages, but which is right for you will depend on your current financial situation. If you want a loan that doesn’t require you to declare your debts or go through a credit check, collateral loans are the best option. They’re also the more ideal option for those who need cash quickly, even on the same day, or if you don’t want to risk a negative effect on your credit score. If you have luxury goods that you don’t mind parting with temporarily, collateral loans have many benefits that make them a popular choice among Southern California residents. 

If you need cash fast and have valuable items that you’re willing to temporarily part with, a collateral loan from Watch & Wares is an excellent solution that offers many practical benefits. From low-interest rates to generous loan terms to no effect on your credit score, collateral loans are the option that many Orange County residents prefer for sourcing cash fast. At Watch & Wares, we offer some of the most competitive appraisal pricing in the area, and our insurance rates are always state-regulated. We have a generous four-month loan term with a 10-day grace period, and we’re always happy to renew your loan in exchange for the full repayment of interest owed. To find out more about our collateral loan process or to receive an appraisal on your luxury item, contact us at (714) 633-2030 or fill out our online contact form today. We would be happy to schedule an appraisal appointment for your earliest convenience.

What to Do If Water Gets Into Your Luxury Watch

If you own a luxury watch, then you likely take great measures to look after it and prevent any damage. However, some amount of damage is almost inevitable when it comes to wristwatches since they spend so much time on your body. From being hit against furniture to being dropped on the ground, your Rolex watch goes through a lot. However, some of the most significant damage it can suffer is water damage. If your Rolex watch has been caught in the rain and you fear it’s suffered water damage, keep reading to find out what to do to protect your investment and save your luxury timepiece.

What if you have a waterproof watch?

Some luxury watches gloat that they can be taken to depths as much as 500 meters underwater. However, the unfortunate truth is that no watch is 100% waterproof. While waterproof watches may be able to withstand one or two dips in the pool, long-term use of your timepiece underwater could result in significant damage. This is because the waterproofing feature is in the watch’s O-ring, a silicone gasket that acts as a seal against water. However, the O-ring doesn’t stay perfectly intact forever; it will likely deform after some time, causing water to enter your watch and potentially damage it. If you have a waterproof watch, try to use it in water as little as possible. Avoiding unnecessary trips in the pool with your luxury watch on will help you avoid costly Rolex watch repair in the future.

What not to do if your watch is water damaged

Many people’s first instinct — fueled by old wives’ tales — is to leave their watch in a bag of rice or on the radiator. Many people place their watch in a sunny spot such as a windowsill, hoping that the heat from the sun will allow the water to dry faster and minimize any water damage to their timepiece. However, this can often do more harm than good. Keeping your watch in extreme heat — such as directly in sunlight for hours on end — can cause the parts to expand, not only warping them but also potentially allowing that water to enter the dial and cause more damage. The heat can also dry out the watch’s lubricant, creating friction on the gears. If your Rolex watch is water damaged, avoid your instinct and instead invest in professional Rolex watch repair for long-term savings.

How to repair a watch with water damage

If your watch has suffered water damage, the most important factor in saving it is time. Getting your watch to a Rolex watch repair professional as quickly as possible will increase its chances of being fully repaired — and at a lower cost. As soon as the damage occurs, dry your watch with the low-cool setting on a hair dryer to dry out the exterior of the watch. Avoid a high heat setting, as this could further damage the watch’s body. Once the watch is dry, bring your Rolex to a Rolex watch repair professional such as Watch & Wares to have it assessed for damage. Our watch repair experts can tell you whether your watch has been damaged and, if so, how it can be repaired. 

If you’ve had water get into your luxury watch recently, turn to the experts at Watch & Wares for top-tier Rolex watch repair. Whether your timepiece is modern or vintage, waterproof or not, we’ve got you covered. We stand by our repair work 100% and offer a one-year warranty on all full clean and overhaul services. To schedule a Rolex watch repair appointment, contact us at (714) 633-2030 or fill out our online contact form today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inherited Jewelry

If a family member or loved one has passed away and left you with inherited jewelry, you may be struggling with what to do with it. Such sentimental pieces can be difficult to part with, even if they’re not to your taste, and many estate jewelry owners want to ensure that their special pieces are going to a new home rather than merely being melted down. Others may want to keep the piece forever, but they need money to get them through hard times and are seeking a collateral loan. Whatever your situation, inherited jewelry offers an emotionally complex situation that comes with more questions than answers. If you’re struggling with what to do with your inherited jewelry, keep reading for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What can I do with inherited jewelry?

Before anything else, many jewelry inheritors want to know what their various options are. If you love the piece and want to wear it for years to come, Watch & Wares’ jewelry repair store can help restore your estate jewelry to like-new condition. We can replace a broken clasp, resize a ring or chain, replace a missing gem, or polish the jewelry back to its original shine. If you want to keep the piece but need some extra cash for the time being, collateral loans are a great option. Using inherited jewelry as collateral allows you to receive same-day cash with the opportunity to reclaim your item after the loan is fully repaid within the four-month time frame. If you’re ready to part with the jewelry and find it a new home, you can seek out places to sell jewelry for cash. Watch & Wares allows you to sell luxury items for a competitive price; simply schedule an appraisal at one of our two Orange County locations.

How much is my inherited jewelry worth?

The next question that many people have is how much the inherited jewelry is worth. Whether you’re looking to sell luxury items or take out a collateral loan, knowing the value of your piece is key to receiving a fair offer. Schedule an appraisal with several reputable jewelry and loan pawn shops and compare the offers to discern the average secondhand value of your piece. Some untrustworthy jewelry buyers may try to offer you far less than your jewelry is worth, so make sure that you know what you’re willing to accept. If you want to receive the most money possible for your piece, have it restored by a jewelry repair store beforehand to increase its value. 

How do I find a reputable jewelry and loan pawn shop?

Many people begin their search for a jewelry buyer or pawn shop by Googling phrases like “places to sell jewelry for cash” or “sell jewelry for cash near me”. While this is a reasonable place to start, it can also lead you to some unverified and untrustworthy sources who earn a living by offering unreasonably low prices for valuable estate jewelry. When searching for a jewelry and loan pawn shop, check that the store is licensed and employs experienced staff. A pawn shop that has a GIA-certified gemologist on staff is more likely to offer a fair appraisal of your gold and diamond jewelry. Watch & Wares has earned a 5-star reputation throughout Orange County through three decades of luxury service and competitive offers. Our staff are experts in their field, from certified GIA gemologists to an industry-leading master jeweler. Our online reviews speak for themselves; we offer customers a comfortable selling and pawning experience every time.

If you have inherited jewelry that you would like to sell or pawn, contact Watch & Wares today. We’re one of the best places to sell jewelry for cash in Orange County, and we consistently offer some of the highest values in the area. We’re also a luxury jewelry and loan pawn shop, so you can bring your beloved pieces in for a four-month collateral loan — no credit check necessary. Contact us today at (714) 633-2030 or fill out our online contact form to request an appraisal or schedule an in-store appointment.

How Much Does Rolex Watch Repair Cost?

When you invest in a luxury timepiece, you want it to last you a lifetime. However, your Rolex watch will inevitably need minor repair at some point in time. From a dead battery to mechanical failure, your watch can endure many issues throughout its lifetime, all of which are worth repairing to save your investment. If you’re in need of watch repair for your designer wristwatch, whether antique or contemporary, here are some of the costs you can expect to incur to get your watch in working order again.

Battery Change

A battery change is one of the most affordable watch repair services available across all watch repair shops. It’s a fairly simple process — and one that will inevitably need to be done several times throughout the watch’s lifetime — so the cost is relatively low. Depending on the type of watch, it tends to cost anywhere from $10 to $90.

New Watch Strap

An easy way to change up the look of your watch without investing in an entirely new one is to change out the strap or bracelet. The strap of a watch is typically made out of leather or synthetic material such as rubber, while the bracelet of a watch is made from metal such as titanium, steel, or gold. Replacement straps are typically more affordable than replacement bracelets due to the cost of the raw materials, with prices ranging from $20 to $500 depending on the brand and material desired. Bracelets can range from $50 for a basic steel bracelet up to thousands of dollars for the highest quality gold or platinum. Luckily, there’s an option for just about every budget.

Mechanical Overhaul

One of the more expensive watch repair processes available is a complete mechanical overhaul. This is an incredibly intricate process that requires a lot of time and extreme attention to detail, so it should only be performed by an industry-leading watch repair expert. The number of man-hours required for a Rolex watch overhaul can be high, and only authentic manufacturer replacement parts are used, both of which result in higher costs than a minor repair for a targeted problem. The exact cost of an overhaul will largely depend on the watch brand and model, but they can typically range from $200 to $1,000. Vintage watches are typically more expensive since the parts are harder to source and more delicate to repair. Luckily, all Watch & Wares overhaul watch repair services come with a one-year warranty to ensure that the timepiece continues functioning well from normal use.

Polishing & Cleaning

Sometimes you don’t need functional watch repair, but rather some cosmetic services. Our watch polishing and cleaning services will help your Rolex watch look new, inside and out. Our watch repair experts know how to disassemble your watch and clean each component for a much more thorough and long-lasting clean than can be achieved with at-home solutions. The price for watch cleaning can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the make and model of the watch being serviced, so contact Watch & Wares today for a personalized estimate.


We offer a vast array of Rolex watch repair services, from polish and detailing services to full cleaning and overhauls. To get a more accurate cost estimate for your particular watch make, model, and repair needs, give us a call at (714) 633-2030 for a free quote. We also welcome you to make an appointment at either of our Orange County locations to speak to one of our watch repair experts. Watch & Wares offers a one-year warranty on all of our full cleaning and overhaul services. You can rest assured that we stand by our watch repair work 100%.

How to Successfully Negotiate a Collateral Loan

Jewelry and loan pawn shops are a great way to get cash when you need it. Whether you’re interested in collateral loans or selling your luxury goods, pawn shops can give you cash same-day. However, just because you need money quickly doesn’t mean you should settle for less than your item’s worth. To avoid getting scammed with unfairly low rates, follow these tips for successfully negotiating a fair collateral loan value.

Prepare Your Item

If you want to earn as much as possible for your item, make sure it’s in the best condition possible. Preparing your item for appraisal by having it cleaned or repaired will increase your collateral loan value, often by more than the price of the maintenance work. Especially in the case of luxury goods such as designer handbags, fine jewelry, and Rolex watches, having an item in good condition will help you secure a higher appraisal value.

Do Your Research

Unfortunately, many jewelry and loan pawn shops take advantage of unknowing customers and offer extremely low rates in exchange for an item. Doing research beforehand so you have an idea of a fair secondhand value will help prevent this from happening to you, so you can ensure that you receive what you deserve for your luxury goods. However, you should keep in mind that collateral loan values will be lower than the resale value of the item in case the pawn shop has to re-sell it, so make sure that you also have realistic expectations of a fair loan value.

Shop Around

Another way to ensure that you’re receiving a fair value is by collecting appraisals from several different pawn shops. You don’t need to commit to the loan to receive a free appraisal, so feel free to shop around and see which local pawn shop will offer you the most for your item. Watch & Wares is known throughout Orange County for offering some of the highest collateral loan values in the area.

Be Courteous

As the saying goes, “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” Remaining kind and courteous throughout your interaction, even if your loan value isn’t as high as you wanted, will help make the transaction go smoother and may even incentivize the pawn shop to slightly increase its offer. Reasonable haggling is expected, but becoming angry or belligerent during the process can quickly cause the pawn shop to refuse you a loan altogether.

Visit a Reputable Jewelry & Loan Pawn Shop

Local pawn shops that are in good standing with the community are often in good standing for a reason. Reputable collateral loan issuers will offer fair and competitive loan rates alongside state-regulated loan terms. At Watch & Wares, we offer four-month loans with a 10-day grace period. All of the interest associated with the loan is state-regulated, so you don’t have to worry about sky-high interest rates that make it impossible to repay the loan. Some pawn shops want you to default on the loan so they can collect interest for months on end and still ultimately keep the item. Watch & Wares’ goal is always to help you get back your item and complete a full, on-time repayment. Your comfort and satisfaction are always our top priority.

Watch & Wares has been Orange County’s premier source of trustworthy collateral loans for over 30 years. We have a team of expert appraisers and GIA-certified gemologists that will ensure you receive a fair value for all of your luxury goods. If you need a collateral loan and want the most money possible for your item, give Watch & Wares a call today. We’re always happy to schedule an appointment for a free appraisal. Contact us at (714) 633-2030 or fill out our online contact form to request an appraisal or schedule an in-store appointment.

5 Common Reasons Why Your Watch Has Stopped Working

It can be distressing when your luxury timepiece stops working. When you spend a significant amount of money on an item, you expect it to stand the test of time. Luckily, a watch that has stopped working is rarely broken for good. If you bring your Rolex watch in for professional watch repair, you’ll likely find that the cause of its malfunction is one of these common reasons.

1. Dead Battery

By far, the number one reason that your watch has stopped working is simply a dead battery. If your watch is battery-powered, you’ll notice that its battery will likely die every two years or so. Factors that affect the battery’s life include the size of the battery, whether your watch is digital or not, how often you use your watch’s functions, and whether your watch has been exposed to extreme temperatures. If you suspect that your watch’s battery has died, bring it to Watch & Wares for professional Rolex watch repair. Trying to replace the battery at home could result in further damage and more expensive repairs.

2. Water Damage

Another common cause of a dead Rolex watch is exposure to water. Every drop of water affects the way your watch works, so even light rain can cause your watch to rust over time and stop working. In this case, parts of your watch may need to be replaced, so it’s important that you take your watch to a Rolex watch repair professional such as Watch & Wares for a high-quality repair using OEM parts.

3. Impact Damage

Your watch is naturally built to be banged around a bit, especially since it sits so close to your hands each day. Your watch will inevitably experience a little wear and tear, but too much impact damage could cause your watch to stop working. Whether you’ve dropped your watch, hit it on a corner, or it’s simply become worn over time, any signs of physical damage will likely indicate that it’s time to take your Rolex in for watch repair.

4. Blocked Internal Mechanism

If you don’t see any obvious problems with your watch when it stops working, it’s possible that dust, debris, or a loose screw are blocking the internal mechanism. This is a surprisingly common problem that usually occurs when a watch hasn’t been serviced in a long time. We recommend bringing your Rolex in for periodic watch repair and servicing so it can be checked for dust, debris, or loose parts to prevent future damage.

5. Manufacturing Issues

It’s also possible that you simply got a “dud” from the manufacturer. Although this is much rarer with designer Rolex watches, manufacturing errors can happen due to the sheer number of tiny gears and moving parts required to assemble a luxury timepiece. Our watch repair experts can determine whether this is the case and recommend a trip back to the manufacturer for a replacement.

If you have a Rolex watch or other designer timepieces that have stopped working, give us a call at (714) 633-2030 or stop by one of our locations to speak to our repair team today. Watch & Wares has remained Orange County’s premier Rolex watch repair specialist for more than 30 years. We can bring all of your antique and contemporary watches back to life with our industry-leading professional watch repair services, available at both our Orange and Tustin locations.

Top 4 Benefits of Using Your Jewelry as Loan Collateral

If you’ve recently been laid off or have run into some unexpected bills that you can’t afford to cover without assistance, collateral loans can be a saving grace. Their structure allows you to get the cash you need quickly without a lengthy vetting process or having to part with items you treasure. Jewelry collateral loans give you the best of both worlds — keep your luxury goods and still get the money you need — which is why they’re a popular choice for residents throughout Orange County. If you need a loan, here are a few key reasons why using your jewelry as collateral may be the best choice.

1. No effect on credit history

The number one concern for most people in need of financial assistance is the negative effect it will have on their credit score. With a collateral loan, there’s no effect on your credit whatsoever, regardless of whether you pay back the loan or not. If you fail to pay back your loan within the time allotted, we merely keep your jewelry collateral as repayment for the loan. This means no longstanding debt, continuing interest, or harmful credit effects. 

2. No financial information is required

Similarly, good credit isn’t required to qualify for a collateral loan. When you apply for a traditional loan through your bank or other financial institution, there will likely be a lengthy vetting process that requires you to submit several financial documents showing that you’re in good financial standing. Not only is this inconvenient and time-consuming, but you’re also at risk of being rejected for the loan you need if you have bad credit or no credit. With a jewelry collateral loan from Watch & Wares, no financial information is required. We don’t run a credit check, and your credit history doesn’t matter. If you have fine jewelry, then you automatically qualify for a collateral loan equaling the appraised amount of your luxury goods.

3. Lower interest rates

One of the most significant benefits of a jewelry collateral loan is the low-interest rates compared to traditional lending. Since collateral loans are less risky than unsecured loans, they often have a much lower APR. This can drastically reduce the total amount owed, making it easier for you to pay off the full loan amount within the designated time frame. At Watch & Wares, all of our collateral loan interest rates are state-regulated so you don’t have to worry about unfair or inflated rates. 

4. Generous loan terms

Watch & Wares is proud to offer generous collateral loan terms that maximize your chances of repaying your loan successfully and redeeming your gold or diamond jewelry. All of our loans are four-month terms with a ten-day grace period. If you need more than the provided four months to repay your loan, you can renew the collateral loan by paying back the full interest owed. If you fail to pay back your loan in full or renew it in the time given, we will keep your collateral as repayment. Our loan terms were created to help you repay the loan and keep your valuable jewelry, but collateral loans are the ideal option even in the worst-case scenario of failing to repay.

If you have valuable gold or diamond jewelry and you need some extra cash, visit Watch & Wares in Tustin. Our jewelry collateral loans are secured and trustworthy, with state-regulated interest rates and consistently 5-star customer service. We’ve been Orange County’s most trusted gold and jewelry buyers for more than 30 years. To schedule a jewelry collateral loan appointment and receive a free appraisal, give us a call today at (714) 731-9600.

Understanding the Six C’s of Diamond Buying

Diamonds are one of the most sought-after materials in the world. As their value continues to rise, more and more people are choosing to buy and sell their fine diamond jewelry to get in on the action. But, how do you know what your diamond is really worth? Whether you’re buying diamond jewelry as a gift or seeking a collateral diamond loan for cash, understanding the six C’s of diamond buying will help you make sure you’re getting the fairest value possible.

1. Cut

The cut of the diamond refers to its shape. More specifically, it refers to the way that the stone reflects the light. Examples of common cuts are round, oval, princess, and pear. The cut plays a part in determining the value of the stone because some cuts are rarer and more desirable than others. The most popular cut is the round brilliant since its 360-degree symmetry maximizes light refraction and offers unparalleled sparkle.

2. Color

Another factor in a diamond’s value is its color — or lack thereof. The less color that a diamond has, the more valuable it is. The GIA grading scale from D to G evaluates the amount of color that a diamond possesses, with D representing colorless diamonds and G representing yellow, brown, and other uniquely colored diamonds. Color is the second biggest determination of a stone’s value, after its cut.

3. Clarity

The clarity of a diamond refers to the diamond’s lack of imperfections or inclusions. Inclusions are created when crystals fall into the stone while it’s being formed, affecting the structure of the diamond. The fewer imperfections or inclusions a diamond has, the more valuable it is. Diamond clarity is graded on a 6-point scale ranging from Flawless (FL) to Included (I).

4. Carat

One of the most common terms associated with diamonds is the carat. This refers to the weight of the diamond (and often, as a result, the size of the diamond). The more a diamond weighs, the more expensive it is. When added to all the other ‘C’ factors, carat is an important part of determining a stone’s approximate value.

5. Certificate

This less-common ‘C’ refers to a GIA Certificate. This is the most recognized and respected diamond grading certificate in the jewelry industry, and it’s a necessary part of any jewelry purchase. Before you buy or sell diamond jewelry, make sure it’s graded by a GIA gemologist and obtain a certificate that verifies the quality and value of your diamond. If your jeweler won’t provide you with a certificate before you purchase, find another diamond seller that will.

6. Collateral Loan

When purchasing diamond jewelry, it’s wise to think past its cut and color and also consider how it can work for you for years to come. If you’re ever in need of fast cash — whether for medical bills, rent, or just some extra spending money — you can commoditize your diamond jewelry and use it for a collateral loan. 

At Watch & Wares, we provide collateral loans on diamonds, offering some of the highest loan values in the Orange County area. Our expert appraisers will use the traditional 4 C’s to appraise the value of your piece, and a GIA certificate could help further increase the loan value you receive. If you are looking for the best place to sell jewelry in Orange County or have your diamond jewelry appraised, give us a call at (714) 633-2030 or stop by at one of our locations today.