Tips for Packing and Shipping Your Fine Jewelry

Maybe you have the experience of mailing packages to people in the past, but shipping your fine jewelry in the mail is a completely different experience. Sending an item of value in the mail can sometimes be a stressful experience due to fear of the package being damaged or lost in transit. In order to best protect your fine jewelry, follow these easy tips for securely packing and shipping your precious jewelry pieces.

1. Pack it tightly and in layers

You want your diamond jewelry to get at its destination unscathed, so take extra care when packaging up the valuable pieces you’re sending. Use multiple layers to protect the piece in case of damage in transit. Place the jewelry inside of a box or envelope that is then placed inside of a larger box or envelope. Since the outer box can sometimes become ripped or otherwise damaged while it’s with the courier, an extra box will help ensure that the jewelry itself is never exposed, lost, or damaged. Be sure to wrap the jewelry tightly and securely so it can’t move around in transit. Use bubble wrap, tissue paper, or other void fill to keep the jewelry from moving around inside its box or envelope. This will help prevent tangling as well as possible damage.

2. Disguise your package

Clearly signaling that your package contains jewelry will instantly make it a target for thieves. Don’t give any indication of the valuables inside, but rather send it in an unmarked brown box with no contents listed on the exterior anywhere. If you make it obvious that there are valuable items within your package, it may go missing before it reaches its destination.

3. Insure your package

Insuring your jewelry is one of the most important things you should do when shipping valuables. In case anything does go wrong during transit, the insurance company will reimburse you for the value of the pieces lost. Most shipping insurance services protect senders against lost, stolen, or damaged packages. 

4. Don’t use a drop box

When mailing something as valuable as jewelry, don’t merely drop your package into a drop box. Not only will this damage the items from the fall, but it also will not provide you a receipt to prove you have mailed the item in case it’s lost in transit. Always hand your package directly to the courier or USPS agent and ask for a receipt with a tracking number to confirm dropoff. 

5. Request a signature on delivery

One of the ways that you can make sure your jewelry was delivered to the right person is by requesting a delivery signature. For a small additional fee, the courier will require a signature upon delivery, or they won’t leave the package. This can help avoid porch pirates as well as miscommunications. If the package does end up in the wrong hands, you’ll have proof that it wasn’t signed for by the recipient, and you’ll be reimbursed for the value of your package if your package is fully insured.

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