How To Properly Keep Your Pre-Owned Designer Handbags Clean

Designer handbags are more than just beautiful pieces; they’re meant to be loved and used daily. However, given their substantial cost, you obviously want to keep them in the best condition possible. 

Whether you want to sell your pre-owned designer handbags in Orange, CA or keep them forever and pass them down, you should still take care to properly store and clean your pre-owned luxury bags so they’ll last as long as possible. Here are a few easy ways to keep your pre-owned designer handbags pristine for years to come.

Use a Bag Organizer

Bag organizers are one of the best tools for keeping your pre-owned designer handbags in good condition. These organizers are made to fit the dimensions of many different brands, models, and sizes of handbags, so you can find one that perfectly suits your purse. They also come in a range of colors, so your organizer can blend with the bag’s interior lining or add a fun pop of color.

These interior covers serve as a protective layer between your leather bag and the items you store inside. With an organizer, you can rest assured that any open pens, leaking makeup, or spilled drinks won’t stain the fabric or leather lining of your valuable bag.

They’re also a great way to maintain the shape of a more slouchy or hobo-style bag. Whereas highly structured bags will keep their shape over time, more slouchy styles can become misshapen over the years, damaging the leather and decreasing the bag’s resale value. The rigid sides of a bag organizer will support the soft leather, helping the bag maintain its original shape.


Use a Cosmetic Pouch

If you have a smaller bag or prefer not to use an organizer, a cosmetic pouch is also a great solution for preventing dirt and stains inside your bag. 

These small pouches come in an array of sizes that are ideal for storing makeup, pens, hand sanitizer and other items which may be at risk of leaking or otherwise damaging the interior of your bag. Brands also make key pouches specifically designed to hold your house or car keys, eliminating the risk that these sharp items will scratch the soft leather of your bag.

While these cosmetic pouches will be at risk for damage due to the nature of their contents, they’re far more inexpensive and much easier to replace than a valuable and potentially hard-to-find designer handbag.


Store Them Properly

Preserving your pre-owned designer handbag’s condition isn’t just about how you use it; it’s also about how you store it when it’s not in use. It’s recommended that you store your handbags on a shelf where they can maintain their shape. Ensure that your bags aren’t touching one another, as this can cause color transfer and potential damage.

Whenever your handbags aren’t in use, it’s recommended that you store them in the breathable dust bags that they came with. If you don’t have a dust bag for your pre-owned designer handbag, store it out on a shelf, but be sure to dust it periodically. Never store your handbags in plastic or boxes for prolonged periods, as this can result in mold, mildew or odor from the leather being unable to breathe.

You should also keep them in a room protected from excessive heat and humidity. Humidity can also cause the leather to form mold or mildew. If you live in a dry climate, periodically apply a leather conditioner to your bags to keep the leather hydrated and prevent cracking.


Have Them Professionally Cleaned or Restored

If your bag is showing noticeable signs of wear such as discoloration, cracking, odor or loose stitches, you should bring your pre-owned designer handbag in for professional bag restoration as soon as possible.

If you plan to keep the bag, bringing it in for professional cleaning or repair periodically will help your pre-owned designer handbag stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible. Going too long without having it repaired can cause your bag to deteriorate even more drastically, making repairs more difficult or even impossible once you finally bring it in.

If you’re ready to sell your pre-owned designer handbag, before you Google “Where can I sell my designer handbag for cash?” make sure that you have it restored to its best condition to earn the most money possible. How much you can sell your bag for depends largely on its current condition and how noticeable any wear is, so the better it looks, the more you’ll make.


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