Read This To Ensure the Best Experience When Selling Your Vintage Gold Jewelry

If you have any gold, diamond or estate jewelry sitting around your Orange, CA, home and collecting dust, selling it can be a quick and easy way to make some extra money. Maybe you’ve inherited some estate jewelry from a loved one, or perhaps you want to sell luxury items that haven’t been worn in a few years. 

Either way, you want to have a good experience when you sell gold jewelry that once held meaning in your life. However, selling jewelry can be a complex process with its fair share of headaches and scams if you aren’t careful about doing your due diligence. If you have antique or estate jewelry in your collection that you’re thinking about parting with, here is a guide to help you ensure you have the best experience possible when selling your vintage estate jewelry.

Make Sure You’re Ready to Sell

There are many reasons that you may finally decide now is the time to part with a piece of antique or estate jewelry. Whether you’ve inherited something that isn’t to your taste or you’re just in need of extra money at the moment, there’s no wrong time to search for gold and jewelry buyers.

However, once you sell an estate jewelry piece, you generally can’t get it back, so take extra time to consider whether you’re 100 percent ready to sell. Make sure that you don’t have any lingering sentimentality attached to the item, and make sure that you have the patience and time to dedicate to the jewelry-selling experience.

Do Research About Your Estate Jewelry

When selling anything, it’s a good idea to do your own research into what the average value for an item similar to yours would be. Having realistic price expectations will help you avoid disappointment, and it can also help you avoid getting scammed and accepting an unfairly low offer. 

Untrustworthy gold buyers, of which there are plenty, will try to offer you far below a fair value in order to maximize their profits. Knowing the market value of your item and a fair resale estimate beforehand will keep you from falling prey to opportunistic gold buyers like these.

You can do online research to assess your piece’s value, considering factors such as precious metals, precious gems, brand name, age, condition, and demand. If you can’t find any comparable pieces online, you can have your jewelry appraised at a reputable jewelry repair store, often for no cost.

Be Realistic

Many people hear the retail price of their jewelry piece and expect to get at least this much when they approach a trusted gold buyer with their item. However, it’s important to be realistic about the condition of your specific piece as well as the nature of selling to a gold and jewelry buyer.

If you’re selling your vintage estate jewelry to a gold buyer rather than a private party, they will always offer you less than the market value since they are taking on the time and expense of reselling the item to a private buyer. However, they should still offer you a fair value for your item that isn’t too far from the market resale value.

Have your item appraised by several gold buyers in order to establish a clear idea of what a fair price range for your estate jewelry would be. Speak to your appraisers about what your vintage estate jewelry could be worth in specific markets and circumstances. Collect appraisals from two or three trusted sources and compare them for a comprehensive view of your estate jewelry’s potential resale value.

Find Trustworthy Places to Sell Gold Jewelry

Once you know that you’re ready to sell your estate jewelry and what you’re prepared to sell it for, you’ll need to find the best places to sell gold jewelry in your area. However, you shouldn’t just Google “where to sell jewelry near me” and choose the first result. 

Do your due diligence when finding an estate jewelry buyer and seller — check online reviews, verify their licenses and accreditation, ask if they have a gemologist on staff, and request a free appraisal. Any honest and trustworthy cash jewelry and loan shop will offer you a free, no-obligation appraisal for your gold jewelry.

At Watch & Wares, we consistently offer five-star customer service. This commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in our reputation online and in the local Orange County community. As a family-run business with 30 years of experience, we place transparency, integrity, and honesty at the forefront of everything we do. We want to ensure that every visit to Watch & Wares leaves you happy and confident in your selling decision. To find out more about why we’re one of the best places to sell gold jewelry in Orange County or to receive a free estate jewelry appraisal, give us a call at 714-633-2030 or fill out our online contact form today.