Where to Sell Your Rare Coins in Orange County or Sell Your Coin Collection for Cash

Wondering How Much Your Coin Collection is Worth or Want to Sell a Rare Coin in OC?

Do you have a rare coin collection or want to find out how much your rare coin collection is worth? Want to sell a rare coin in Orange County and curious about the process and how to go about getting the best value for your collectible coins, antique coins or precious metal coins in OC?

Let’s go over some of the most important things to consider when selling your rare coin collection in Orange County in order to ensure that you’re getting the most money for your antique coin collection:

  • How long has the store been buying and selling coins in Orange County?
  • Do the Orange County coin buyers offer safe & discreet service?
  • If I want to sell a rare coin in Orange County, will the store pay cash?
  • Can you get a collateral loan for your coin collection or pawn some of the coins?
  • What is the Orange County coin store’s reputation?

If You Want to Sell a Rare Coin in Orange County, Go to the Coin Experts

At Watch & Wares, we’ve been buying and selling rare coins and antique coin collections in Orange County for the last thirty years. We’re passionate about helping our customers identify unique and rare coins as well as helping them discover what their coins are worth.

We’ve helped numerous customers find out what their coins are worth and have had the opportunity to buy rare coin collections in Orange County that other small shops could only dream of. We’re proud to be able concierge service to all of our customers looking to sell their coins in Orange County and have been lucky to have many return customers.

Make Sure the People Who Buy Your Coins in Orange County Offer a Secure & Discreet Environment

We’ve been buying and offering collateral loans (pawn loans) on antique and vintage coins and coin collections long enough to know that the customers who want to sell their coins to us want a safe and secure transaction. We’re located directly in the Orange Plaza (also known as the Orange Circle) in Old Towne Orange, which is an extremely safe location to sell your coins in OC. If you want to sell your coins in OC, we  pride ourselves in being able to offer one-on-one service and discreet purchases in a private and quiet atmosphere.

We Pay Cash for Rare Coins and Historic Coin Collections in OC

One thing you may encounter a lot when you want to sell a rare coin in Orange County are stores that will give you the run-around on estimates or offer you store credit instead of giving you cash for your coin collection. This can be frustrating because of a number of reasons, but mostly because you we know most people wouldn’t part with your coin collection if they didn’t want cash. We also know that some buyers don’t plan on returning to the coin shop in Orange County and simply want to sell coins and leave with cash.

Watch & Wares pays you cash for your coins and coin collections and will give you a fair price for them. Not only do we usually offer the going-rate for gold, silver and precious metals, but we also take historic value into account and understand the small nuances that make a specific coin or coin collection worth buying.

Do the Coin Buyers have a Good Reputation?

We have a solid 5 star rating on Yelp and 100% Feedback on eBay, where we have sold coins since the late 90’s. We’re proud to be able to offer instant cash for coins and rare coin collections and our service and 5-star rating prove it! We’re one of the few coin buyers in Orange County that offer concierge service and can work with large estates and families in order to find out the value of the coin collection that belonged to a recently lost loved one.

Watch & Wares is one of the few coin buyers that are also passionate about collecting coins. We’ve seen some really rare antique coins over the years and have expanded our stores to cover and serve Orange County and all surrounding areas!

If you want to sell a rare coin in Orange County or want us to give you a free estimate for your coin collection, please call Watch & Wares at 714-633-2030 and ask for William.

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