Taking Care of Your Pre-Owned Designer Handbags During Fall & Winter

A luxury handbag is an investment, a piece that you want to own for decades and even pass down to your children. But for that to happen, you need to protect your bags and keep them in the best condition possible. Those familiar with designer handbags will likely know that humidity, heat, and sunlight can adversely affect leather bags, resulting in discoloration, loss of structure, or even mold. But did you know that the cold temperatures associated with fall and winter have the potential to damage your handbags too? If you have pre-owned designer handbags in your closet, make sure that you take these precautions this fall and winter to protect them from excessive wear and tear.

Avoid Extreme Cold

The heat and humidity of sweltering summers can leave many luxury handbag owners on edge. Dehumidifiers and AC are crucial for preventing mold and other issues. Because of this, you may breathe a big sigh of relief when fall approaches and the temperature cools down. However, no extreme is good for your handbag. While the drier air of winter is generally safer for protecting your bag’s condition, extreme cold temperatures can dry out the leather of your bag and cause it to crack or lose its suppleness. Avoid leaving your bag outside for long periods, and don’t place them directly in front of an air conditioning vent. Storage in a climate-controlled area such as a house with central heating is ideal and will help preserve pre-owned designer handbags for as long as possible. 

Shield Your Pre-Owned Designer Handbag from Rain or Snow

Most handbag owners know this, but you should always avoid getting your leather bag wet. Although some types of leather such as grained leather or Saffiano leather are more resistant than something like smooth lambskin, all leather bags can become damaged or marked if they’re exposed to rain or snow. Lighter colors and more fragile leathers like Louis Vuitton’s famous Vachetta leather easily stain and retain any watermarks, so it’s imperative that you protect them from the rain using your coat, an umbrella, or even a water-resistant covering. Some extremely high-end bags like the Hermès Birkin even come with a raincoat to protect them from the elements.

Moisturize the Leather

Even after it’s processed, leather is a natural skin, and like all natural skins, it requires moisturizing to retain its softness. The dry weather that comes with fall and winter can have adverse effects on your bag’s leather, so cleaning it with a safe leather polish or moisturizer will help prevent drying and cracking to keep your handbag in peak condition for years to come. If you’re unsure of which leather moisturizers are safe for your handbag, Watch & Wares offers professional handbag moisturization services as part of our handbag spa.

Despite your best efforts at protecting your handbag, sometimes things happen. Whether you’re caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella or your little one gets to your handbag before it’s in its dustbag, wear and tear is a natural part of any long-term investment. Luckily, Watch & Wares offers comprehensive handbag spa services that can restore and rejuvenate your luxury handbags and make them look as good as new ones. We offer professional handbag cleaning, handbag moisturization, stain protection treatment, edgewear restoration, color touch-up services, mold and odor removal, and more. To schedule a handbag spa appointment or to learn more about our services, give us a call at (714) 633-2030 or fill out our online contact form today.