Want To Sell Your Gold Jewelry? Make Sure It’s Real First

If you’re ready to part with valuable gold jewelry, your first instinct may be to search for the best places to sell jewelry in Orange, CA. However, your first step should be to make sure that your gold jewelry is real. You may not believe that your grandma passed down fake gold or that the watch you bought secondhand is fake, but we see individuals every day that are surprised to learn that their valuable gold jewelry isn’t as valuable as they thought it was. 


Before you start Googling “places to sell gold jewelry near me,” try one or more of these tactics to verify the authenticity of your gold jewelry.

1. Check for Discoloration

The most obvious sign that your gold isn’t real is discoloration. Gold does not rust or change colors whatsoever, so any signs of this are an obvious giveaway that your jewelry piece is made of an alloy or other metal. 


Inspect the ring for any silver, green, or other discoloration, and note if the jewelry changes your skin color when you wear it. If any of these occur, you can be almost certain that your jewelry is not authentic gold.

2. Try the Magnet Test

Another quick way to determine if your gold is real is to try the magnet test. Gold, unlike most other metals, is not magnetic. Although it is technically very slightly magnetic, holding it to a magnet will not likely result in any reaction.

If you hold your ring or other gold jewelry near a magnet and it is immediately attracted to it, the probability is that your jewelry is not real gold and is actually made of some other metal.

3. Look for a Hallmark

Have you ever noticed small etchings or stamps on the inside of gold jewelry? Those are hallmarks, and most authentic gold jewelry will have a hallmark somewhere on it.

This small stamp tells you the karat, verifying that it is real gold. However, this isn’t a failsafe test since people who want to create convincing fakes can create a fake hallmark on the jewelry.

Likewise, not all authentic gold jewelry is 100 percent guaranteed to have a hallmark. It’s a fairly reliable method, but should always be verified by a professional.

4. Have It Professionally Appraised

Although the above methods can help you rule out some obvious fakes, the only true way to verify real gold is by having it authenticated by a professional. At Watch & Wares, we have a staff of industry experts, including certified gemologists, that can appraise your gold jewelry and assess its market value.

Our scales are certified by the Orange County Field of Weight & Measure to ensure that all measurements are accurate to the industry standard. Additionally, we take the entire jewelry item’s desirability into account, giving you more competitive appraisals than other gold buyers who merely offer you the raw gold’s market price.

Whether your gold is real or fake, we’ll give you a professional, accurate and discreet appraisal that you can trust.

Watch & Wares has been one of Orange, CA’s premier places to sell jewelry for cash for more than 30 years. In addition to gold and diamond jewelry, we also purchase designer watches, used luxury handbags, rare coins, art and other valuable goods. To schedule an appraisal appointment and receive a jewelry estimate, give us a call at (714) 633-2030 or fill out our online contact form today. We look forward to working with you.