What Is the Best Cut for Each Diamond Shape?

When shopping for a diamond or having your diamond jewelry appraised in Orange, CA, there are many different aspects to consider, from size and color to clarity and cut. Each diamond shape has its own unique characteristics, and the way that a diamond is cut is one of the stone’s most important features. 

The cut of a diamond refers to the way a diamond has been cut, shaped, and polished to bring out its maximum brilliance. The cut of a diamond can affect its overall appearance, and the right cut can enhance the beauty of a stone. When shopping for diamonds or selling your diamond jewelry, it’s important to note not only the shape of the diamond but also the way each shape has been cut.

Depth & Table

When it comes to determining the best cut for each diamond shape, there are two key aspects to consider: depth and table.

The table refers to the largest facet of the diamond, typically found on the top surface of the stone. The table is calculated by dividing the width of the table by the width of the entire stone, producing a percentage that is typically between 50 and 70 percent.

The depth refers to the distance from the table to the bottom point of the diamond, also called the culet. This figure is then divided into the width of the stone, creating the final depth percentage measurement.

Cut Grade

In addition to depth and table, cut grade is also important when it comes to determining the best cut for a diamond. If a diamond is cut well, it can look beautiful and brilliant even with a slightly lower color and clarity grade. On the other hand, a poorly cut diamond may seem dull and lackluster even if it has excellent clarity and color ratings. To ensure that your diamond is as beautiful as possible, assessing its cut grade is essential.

Cut grade is essentially a measure of the diamond’s overall symmetry and proportion, and it is rated on a scale from Excellent to Poor. A diamond with an Excellent cut grade will have the best symmetry, proportion, and polish, resulting in the most brilliant sparkle and shine. Each diamond shape, however, is distinctive, so the ideal proportions will vary based on the shape you choose.

Round Cut Diamond

Round diamonds are one of the most sought-after shapes on the market, especially for engagement rings. Developed in the early 1900s by a mathematician, round diamonds have one of the most brilliant cuts available due to their 360-degree symmetry.

Round diamonds feature an astonishing 57 facets, allowing them to refract light and shine brilliantly more than any other diamond cut on the market. When searching for the best round diamond ring, look for one that has a table measurement of 54 to 57 percent and a depth of 60 to 63 percent for the ideal cut.

Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut, originally called the Barion cut, was introduced in 1971. It has 90-degree corners that create a square or rectangular silhouette, making it a modern style beloved by contemporary brides.

Princess cuts offer similar brilliance to the timeless round cut, but their efficient manufacturing process makes them generally more affordable and easier to find. The most ideal princess-cut diamond is a perfect square with a table of 63 to 70 percent and a depth of 67 to 76 percent.

Heart Cut Diamond

Heart-cut diamonds are one of the most challenging to cut due to their unnatural shape and need for perfect symmetry. When searching for your ideal heart-cut diamond, make sure that it is a symmetrical shape with well-balanced lobes. Ensure the clef in the center is well-defined to avoid it looking like a triangular trilliant cut.

The most ideal proportions for a heart-cut diamond are a table measurement of 56 to 62 percent and a depth of 58 to 64 percent.

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