Which Pre-Owned Luxury Handbags Have the Highest Resale Value?

If you’re a fan of luxury handbags, you may know that some handbag styles hold their value well enough to be called “investment bags”. While handbags are not truly a reliable investment in the same way that stocks or property are, there are several luxury handbags that consistently hold their value or increase in value over the years. 

If you’re looking to purchase or sell pre-owned luxury handbags and want to make the wisest financial decision, follow this guide on which designer handbag brands are retaining their value best in 2023.

1. Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Hobo

If you’re on Instagram or TikTok with any regularity, then you’ve probably seen a flood in hobo handbag styles over the past two to three years. With the return of early 2000s fashion trends, the hobo styles of the aughts are becoming popular once more and, as a result, new hobo handbag styles are increasing in value.

The Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Hobo is a perfect example. Representative of the early 2000s silhouettes now becoming popular again, the bag was first launched in 2021 to capitalize on the Y2K fashion resurgence. Since its release, it’s seen a 15 percent increase in value year over year. If you own a Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Hobo you’ve fallen out of love with, now is the perfect time to sell in order to maximize its value before the trend passes and secondhand prices fall.

2. Gucci Horsebit Chain Shoulder Bag

Mixing the modern with the vintage, the Gucci Horsebit Chain shoulder bag is another popular luxury handbag that is retaining its value in 2023. Originally released in 1955, the Gucci Horsebit has the longevity to prove its value, while a recent resurgence in popularity has helped push secondhand prices up for the year.

Despite being first released in 1955, the bag was most popular in the early 2000s. Because of its vintage silhouette, the Gucci Horsebit has been swept up in the Y2K fashion obsession, boosting its resale value as early-aught silhouettes are in demand. The bag was re-interpreted for fall 2023 by the house, so it’s receiving extra attention that has boosted its secondhand value for the time being. For those who have one to sell, the end of this year is the ideal time for maximum resale value!

3. Prada Tessuto Re-Edition 2005 Shoulder Bag

With the resurgence of Y2K fashion, early 2000s handbag styles are also seeing a comeback. Just as with the classic 90s hobo style of the Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7, the Prada Re-Edition 2005 has seen a stratospheric surge in popularity since it was brought back in 2019.

The re-released bag — originally created in 2005, as the name suggests — has the classic aughts silhouette of a small shoulder hobo bag. There are also many popular variations that range from nylon to leather to all-over crystals. Whichever style you own, luckily, they all have an average value retention of 92 percent.

4. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote

If you prefer to buy the classics rather than trendy Y2K styles, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull also regularly holds its value. The most economical product in Louis Vuitton’s lineup, the Neverfull tote is a workhorse bag that is incredibly popular because of its functionality and more accessible price point.

Despite being one of the most affordable bags on the luxury market, it still retains its value incredibly well secondhand. In fact, it saw a 20 percent value increase from 2021 to 2022. If you switched from working in-office to working from home and no longer need your Neverfull for lugging your things around, it’s always a good time to sell this classic piece.

5. Hermès Kelly 28

No list of luxury handbags with a high resale value is complete without the addition of the Hermès Kelly. The brand’s iconic Kelly and Birkin bag styles are some of the most highly coveted items in fashion thanks to their high price point and limited availability. Both styles are a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, causing their resale prices to regularly be double or triple the original retail price.

Of the brand’s two most iconic styles, the Kelly is the original; yes, it preceded even the Hermès Birkin. Designed in the 1930s by Robert Dumas, the style has remained the pinnacle of fashion and luxury for almost 100 years. The Kelly 28 specifically, which denotes its size (28 centimeters across) is the highest in value on the secondhand market due to its moderate size that suits everyone. While a Kelly 28 currently costs $11,800 from the store, the average price secondhand is upwards of $25,000

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