5 Things to Know Before You Sell Luxury Items

If you have any estate jewelry, antique art, rare coins, designer handbags, or Rolex watches that are sitting around your Orange, CA, home and collecting dust, selling them can be a quick and easy way to make some extra money. Maybe you’ve inherited some antique items from a loved one, or perhaps you’ve purchased luxury goods that haven’t been worn in a few years. Either way, you can find a good place to sell gold jewelry near you and cash in the same day. However, to get the most for your valuable goods, you should know these five important things.

1. Have as Much Documentation as Possible

Before you go in for your jewelry estimate, make sure you collect any and all paperwork associated with the item. Any receipts, manuals, authenticity cards, or other documentation will not only better inform your appraiser but will also increase the value of your luxury goods. Look for any paperwork that shows how old the item is, specifies who produced it, or verifies its authenticity. While these aren’t always necessary to receive an estimate, they will help in the process and can boost your final appraisal price.

2. Don’t Clean the Item

Many people have the urge to clean their antique items to present them in the best condition possible. The association between cleanliness and higher value is understandable, but improperly cleaning a valuable antique can actually lower its value. Depending on the type of antique, cleaning it in any shape or form can instantly depreciate its value. In other cases, cleaning can be beneficial, but cleaning with improper tools or techniques can damage the jewelry or decrease its value. Any good place to sell gold jewelry will thoroughly clean and restore luxury items as appropriate before they resell them. As such, it’s best to bring the item to your appraiser in its current, unaltered condition. The expert appraiser will know how to clean it and its worth once cleaned, if it is necessary.

3. Be Honest About Its Flaws

You should always be aware of any damage or flaws the item has before your appraisal — but never try to conceal them. This deception not only creates distrust and the potential for a lower offer, but it’s usually a futile effort. It’s almost certain that an expert appraiser will be able to detect and uncover the disguised problem before the end of the appraisal, resulting in wasted time and effort for both parties. Being upfront and honest about any flaws will help you secure the fairest value possible, and it creates a better working relationship for any future transactions.

4. Have Realistic Pricing Expectations

One of the most common experiences during the appraisal process is unrealistically high expectations on the seller’s part. Before going to a pawn and loan shop, take the time to research your item’s secondhand value and understand that any value offered by a jewelry buyer and seller will be lower than that of a private collector. By accepting a slightly lower value than that of a private sale, you are essentially paying for the convenience and service of having the store sell your item for you. We always recommend collecting appraisals from the best jewelry and loan shops near you before selling luxury items to discern the best value for your goods.

5. Find a Good Place to Sell Gold Jewelry

Choosing the right jewelry buyer is crucial for a successful and stress-free jewelry selling experience. To find a good place to sell gold and diamond jewelry, you’ll need to do more than Google “where to sell jewelry near me.” While this can be a good starting point, you’ll need to verify that the establishment buys the type of antiques you have to sell. You should also check their online reputation and any certifications to ensure that they’re a trustworthy and reputable jewelry buyer.

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