Four Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Your Watch Repair

It’s inevitable that your watch will need repairs at some point in its life, and many people find it tempting to try and perform the repairs themselves to reduce costs. However, choosing the DIY route when you don’t have professional watch repair experience will most likely just cost you more in the long run than bringing it into a professional. If you need more convincing, here are just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your watch repair and should start Googling “professional watch repair near me” instead.

1. You Need Specialized Equipment

The interior of any watch — but especially luxury timepieces such as a Rolex watch — is incredibly intricate and made of small, delicate pieces that are put together with remarkable precision. As such, they can’t be repaired using traditional tools that you have lying around at home. You’ll need a secure stand to hold the watch steady, magnifying glasses to help you clearly see each tiny part, and many other specialized tools that are precise enough to accurately take apart and fix the pieces of your Rolex watch. To properly repair your timepiece, you’ll need to make a significant financial investment to purchase these items; in almost all cases, it’s cheaper to bring your watch to a watch repair specialist such as Watch & Wares.

2. You May Damage Parts

Even if you have all of the proper equipment to perform the watch repair, there’s still ample room for human error. If you clean or take apart your watch components incorrectly, you risk damaging the parts and either reducing the watch’s lifespan or destroying it entirely. Even if the damage isn’t immediately evident, improper cleaning can lead to increased friction, which over time will gradually lead the parts to become worn out. When you take your watch to a watch repair specialist near you, you can rest assured that no parts will be damaged and all components will be thoroughly cleaned.

3. It May Need to Be Serviced More Frequently

Even if you don’t outright break the components of your watch, it’s improbable that you’ll clean them thoroughly and to the degree that an experienced professional would. As a result, your watch will likely need to be serviced more frequently. This could result in pieces eventually breaking if you continue to DIY your watch repair, or it could cost you more money versus taking it to a professional from the get-go. Watch & Wares watch repair technicians have ultrasonic bathing equipment, proper lubricants, OEM parts, and more to ensure that your watch repair is completed to the highest standard and your Rolex is as clean as possible.

4. It Could Cost You More in the Long Run

As mentioned above, performing watch repair yourself when you’re inexperienced could result in more frequent servicing, broken parts, or an entirely broken watch. No matter the degree of the problem, all of these avoidable issues will end up costing you more in the long run than taking your watch to a service repair professional near you. Although the initial repair cost may be higher than you’re hoping to pay, it will be worth it for the peace of mind that your watch will be repaired safely and accurately. 

Whether you need a simple battery replacement or extensive watch repair services, Watch & Wares can handle it all. We’ve serviced and repaired thousands of watches over the last 30 years in business, and we’ve become a trusted source of Rolex watch repair for the local community. Our watch repair services include battery replacement, polishing & detailing, full cleaning, new gaskets, water testing, and more. To schedule a professional Rolex watch repair appointment, give us a call at (714) 633-2030 or fill out our online contact form today.