The 5 Best Diamond Cuts to Buy or Sell

If you’ve ever purchased diamond jewelry, you’ve likely heard of “the four Cs”. These four Cs—carat, clarity, cut, and color—are the biggest factors in a diamond’s value. While shopping for diamond jewelry, you’ll likely choose a piece based solely on your personal tastes and what catches your eye rather than thinking about technical specifications. However, if you’re trying to buy diamond jewelry for somebody else or sell diamond jewelry you already own, it’s valuable to know as much information as possible about the different diamond cuts and shapes.

1. Round Cut Diamond

Round diamonds are one of the most sought-after shapes on the market, especially for engagement rings. The 360-degree symmetry of a round diamond maximizes light refraction and offers unparalleled brilliance that attracts customers with every budget. If you’re seeking a timeless shape guaranteed to stun any recipient, the round cut is a classic that never goes out of style.

2. Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut was originally introduced in 1971—then called the Barion cut—and has since skyrocketed in popularity. With 90-degree corners that create a square or rectangular silhouette, the princess cut is a modern style beloved by contemporary brides and those with an edgier style. Princess cuts offer similar brilliance to the timeless round cut, but they often come with a much lower price tag thanks to the efficient manufacturing process. 

3. Cushion-Cut Diamond

The cushion-cut diamond, also referred to as the pillow-cut diamond, has a similar appearance to the square princess cut, but with more rounded edges. The softened corners of this style make it a preferred choice for those seeking a more antique feel. In fact, the cushion cut has been around for more than 200 years, so antique rings of this style are fairly commonplace. The cushion-cut diamond has less brilliance than the round or princess cut, but the posh and timeless appearance helps it remain a highly sought-after style. 

4. Oval Diamond

The oval diamond is a combination of the round cut diamond and marquise diamond. The elongated shape helps the stone to look substantially larger than other shapes with the same carat weight, increasing the perceived value without breaking the bank. It also helps the wearer appear as if they have longer fingers, adding elegance and grace. Oval-shaped diamonds are also ideal for those with active lifestyles, as there are no pointed edges to worry about snagging or chipping. 

5. Emerald-Cut Diamond

Emerald-cut diamonds are perfect for those seeking the utmost in glitz and glamour. The contemporary, rectangular shape is further enhanced with step-like, parallel facets which leave an open table in the center that shows off the stone’s color and clarity. Similar to the oval diamond, the emerald cut’s elongated shape helps it appear larger than other gemstones with the same carat weight. If you want an Art Deco style that ties together old Hollywood glamour with contemporary style, the emerald-cut diamond is a perfect choice.

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