Why You Can Trust a Collateral Loan from Watch & Wares

Among the services that we offer at Watch & Wares, one that we get asked about frequently is our collateral loans. Tustin residents know that a collateral loan from Watch & Wares can be an excellent way to have money lent to you in a quick and trustworthy manner. While some may be apprehensive about pawn shop loans due to other stores’ reputations, there are many reasons why you can put your faith in a collateral loan from Watch & Wares.

Fully Licensed, Certified, & Accredited

Like other trustworthy pawn and loan shops that wish to provide collateral loans, we are fully licensed to do so in the state of California. We fully comply with state regulations that control interest rates, how collateral is held, and loan repayment periods, ensuring that you are fully protected throughout the process. Additionally, the scales we use to appraise jewelry are regularly inspected and certified by the Orange County Weights and Measures Program. This is to ensure that the instruments we use to determine the weight of your jewelry are always fair and accurate. When you come to Watch & Wares, you never need to worry about getting cheated or short-changed. 

Expert Team of Gemologists & Experienced Professionals

A common issue at other pawn and loan shops is that they do not employ trained jewelers and gemologists to assess pieces for jewelry collateral loans. At Watch & Wares, however, we employ industry veterans, including a master jeweler with over 30 years of experience crafting and repairing jewelry. Our gemologist is certified by the Gemological Institute of America and can accurately identify and appraise all kinds of gemstones. Much of our staff have previously worked at famous brands like Tiffany & Co, Georg Jensen, and more, so they can expertly identify various characteristics of jewelry, such as karat, clarity, and color. Our luxury item experts can do the same with watches, handbags, and more.

Excellent Customer Service & Competitive Pricing

At Watch & Wares, we understand that giving up your jewelry for a collateral loan can be an emotionally fraught experience. That’s why we always work one-on-one with customers to appraise their jewelry and issue loan terms. All of our appraisals and terms come with zero obligations, so there’s no penalty if you decide not to give up your jewelry as collateral, and we won’t attempt to pressure you into making a decision. Our rates for your valuable items are regularly the highest among competitors, and we always strive to offer a friendly, welcoming, and comfortable environment.

Trustworthy Customer Reviews

If you’re still unsure about coming to Watch & Wares for a collateral loan, let our Google and Yelp results speak for themselves. Our efforts to provide excellent customer service are reflected in our consistent 5-star rating on these third-party websites, and we always try to take the time to respond to people’s reviews with our gratitude. While other pawn and loan shops may post selective testimonials on their website, third-party review sites don’t lie; Watch & Wares has hundreds of 5-star reviews left by local residents who loved their Watch & Wares collateral loan experience.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy source for jewelry collateral loans in Tustin, you need not look further than Watch & Wares. Our certified professionals will offer you an honest appraisal for your jewelry and luxury items and safely return them to you once you’ve repaid the loan. If you’d like to learn more about the collateral loan process or schedule an appointment, give us a call at (714) 731-9600. Walk-ins are also welcome!