Utilize Watch & Wares Luxury Repair Services

Watch & Wares is known throughout Irvine and the surrounding Orange County area for buying and selling luxury goods, from Rolex watches to designer handbags. However, we also offer top-of-the-line watch repair, jewelry repair, and handbag restoration services. Our unrivaled craftsmanship and decades of experience make us the jeweler that other jewelers and repair services come to for help. With state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we have the ability to fully repair and restore any of your luxury goods so they’ll look as good as new. 

Watch Repair

No matter how high-end your luxury watch is, it will need to be serviced or repaired eventually. Whether you need your battery replaced or you need extensive repair services, Watch & Wares can handle it all. We’ve serviced and repaired thousands of watches over the last 30 years in business, and we’ve become a trusted source of Rolex watch repair for the local community. Our services include battery replacement, polishing & detailing, full cleaning, new gaskets, and water testing. From antique pocket watches to modern Rolexes, you can trust Watch & Wares to repair and restore your luxury watches to the highest standard.

Jewelry Repair

Watch & Wares offer premier fine jewelry repair that you can trust. Our master jewelry has over 35 years of experience with fine jewelry repair, and he’s the man that other jewelers go to for the answers. Whether it’s creating custom pieces or repairing an antique heirloom, we can realize your vision for any fine jewelry piece. We specialize in vintage jewelry repair, contemporary jewelry repair, jewelry polishing & detailing, and custom jewelry creations. Have your diamond jewelry sparkle like never before with our superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. We guarantee a perfect result, with flawless quality over our jewelry repair competitors.

Handbag Spa

A designer handbag often becomes your constant companion, going with you wherever you travel. When you use your luxury handbag regularly, it will inevitably begin to show signs of typical wear and tear. When you notice your luxury handbag looking noticeably more worn than the day you bought it, bring it into Watch & Wares for a day at our handbag spa! Our handbag spa restoration services include cleaning, moisturizing, stain protection, edgewear restoration, color touch-up, odor removal, and more. A designer handbag is an investment that requires care and upkeep to ensure that it retains its value for years to come. Whether you have a vintage Chanel or a contemporary Gucci bag, Watch & Wares’ handbag spa services can restore any luxury bag.

Here at Watch & Wares, our team of trained professionals has been performing watch, jewelry, and handbag repair services for decades. We understand luxury, and we always strive to provide the best service in the Irvine area and throughout all of Southern California. We’re confident that you won’t find anyone better to restore your luxury goods, especially at our competitive price point. To receive a free estimate on one of our luxury repair services, stop by one of our Orange County locations or give us a call at (714) 633-2030 today.